Vina-Concepts is an international sourcing and procurement company with its primary focus on products and components manufactured in Vietnam. Our customer base is predominantly located in the US, Australia and New Zealand. We make it our business to find the right products, manufactured to consistent international standards of quality, at a price point that matches your budget. Our aim is to become your procurement partner of choice when sourcing products or components that will drive your business forward. With over 15 years’ experience in procurement, export and market research our dedicated team of professionals stand ready to help your business gain that competitive edge in your respective vertical.


We source and ship manufactured goods over a wide cross section of industries and products, including furniture & décor, homewares, textiles, handicrafts, make-to-order engineered components, building and packaging products and so much more. Depending entirely on your requirements, the business model we deploy for each of our customer relationships can be that of Agent, Wholesaler or Supplier. Learn more about our extensive product range by clicking any of the links below.


Reducing per unit costs in order to increase profits is a key objective of any business. Its why many retailers look to sources off shore when purchasing their raw materials, finished product or manufactured components. By working with Vina-Concepts and our partners we can build your connections with overseas suppliers and Vietnam manufacturing companies who themselves are looking to strengthen ties with overseas importers. If you’re looking to explore import opportunities from Vietnam, or you’re considering becoming a distributor for a new product line, we can help make it happen by putting you in touch with reputable suppliers and manufacturers.

Here are just a few of the reasons that our customers call Vina-Concepts first when looking to source product and components off-shore:

  • Wide Network: Our international reach and established commercial relationships with OEM and ODM manufacturers, can provide your business with a direct line of communication with potential suppliers. Work with our designers and manufacturing partners to create products to your own unique specifications and branding styles
  • Diverse Range: We operate over a wide cross section of industries and products. Learn more about our extensive product range by clicking any of the links above.
  • Creative Designs: Talk with our innovative designers and concept advocates to turn your ideas into market ready products that proudly bear the name of your own boutique labels.
  • We Grow your Supply Chain: Our Vietnam manufacturers’ directory is always being added to and refined when necessary, so you can be sure that we’re always after the best deals to pass onto our customers. When it comes to low cost manufacturing products made in Vietnam, Vina-Concepts has you covered.
  • Full Service Delivery Model: We can offer an end-to-end procurement service from concept design, raw materials acquisition, factory selection, manufacture, quality assurance, order tracking and shipping. Click here to learn more about our business models.

Supply Chain Management Life Cycle

Supply Chain Management Life Cycle

Growing your Supply Chain…We have your Back!

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