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In globally competitive markets it is innovation, quality and time to market that will drive your business forward.


Our business is built upon our people, their intimate knowledge of local markets and the regulatory framework, a shared commitment to creative design, innovation and teamwork and above all, a common sense of purpose. We are constantly exploring new ways to deliver value to our global customers and subscribe to the dicta that anything is possible….so make it happen!

By establishing robust and dependable business relationships to reputable suppliers, we aim to bring the highest quality, most competitively priced products to the global market place…

To source those products and services that will put your business in the vanguard of today’s highly competitive marketplace, local knowledge is paramount. Our people on the ground bring that knowledge to the table when you engage us as your procurement partner of choice. We can take the hassle out of sourcing, language barriers, navigating the local regulatory environment, quality assurance, transportation and shipping logistics leaving your business the time and resources to concentrate on your customers and marketing strategy. A partnership with Vina-Concepts gives you the confidence and peace of mind to know that we have your back and deliver on our promises.

Our Mission

We live in the digital era where information is delivered to a global audience instantly and in real time. Unfettered access to information has fundamentally transformed the way consumers and businesses interact. Today’s tech savvy consumers are connected, time poor and driven by expectations that are fluid and demand instant gratification.

To be a successful business in the information age, it is no longer enough to simply “be the best at what you do or do the same thing better”. In a rapidly evolving and globally competitive market where consumer decisions are often just a mouse click away, what you do today may not be what the market demands you do tomorrow. Agility, innovation and improvisation have become the new business mantras upon which survival and ultimately financial success will hinge.

These are the business drivers that are systematically re-defining supply chain management in todays’ global markets. Responsive, adaptable enterprises with the ability to think and act outside of the box have become lead markers for the new normal. To stay ahead of the game in this ever-changing business landscape, market participants are being compelled, more than any time in the past, to become risk takers or face the prospect of losing market share.

To navigate this new landscape, you need a partner that you can trust. One that can manage the risk and smooth the bumps along the journey. Vina-Concepts is proud to be that partner. We create flexible and scalable solutions that will best suit your business needs and then manage the work flows to mitigate risks and ensure your products are where they need to be at any given point.

Choosing The Right Business Model

Vina-Concepts offers a range of different business models to define the relationship with our suppliers and customers.


Vina-Concepts can fulfil the role of an agent for both suppliers and customers. As agents for our suppliers we promote a branded product range in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. We manage local digital marketing campaigns and process purchase orders. As agents for our customers we fulfil the traditional sourcing role for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and other categories across our range.


As Wholesaler, Vina-Concepts assumes all procurement responsibilities right up to the point where ordered goods are delivered to our customers. This is a full-service delivery model where Vina-Concepts contracts with suppliers and manages all distribution, storage, insurance and freight forwarding processes.


As Supplier, Vina-Concepts will manage the product development cycle, component and factory sourcing, manufacture and quality assurance. Delivery, freight-forwarding and customs clearance are managed by the customer.


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